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Jewelry by Nannette Foster

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Meet the Artist

Nannette Foster

Blood. Sweat. The occasional tear. I would never have guessed I would one day sport grimy fingernails with pride!

Early Journey

Art and color are as part of me as breathing. As a child, I knew this. My three loves were art, horses, and helping others. Young and ambitious, I would eventually discard all three to embrace the ladder-climbing corporate world. Ask me if I was happy.


Sensing a void in my life, I jumped at the chance to work at an art college in Nashville, Tennessee. Surrounded by creatives and their work, a fire ignited in my spirit. Without so much as a YouTube tutorial to guide me, I bought the cheapest materials I could get my hands on and began to make feather earrings that I sold to coworkers for $15. And so a seed was planted as I dipped my toe into the jewelry design world.

New Beginning

Wild Island Studio was born from my second chance. In the wake of a painful transition, I moved to Kodiak Island, Alaska in the most raw, vulnerable state of my life. Confidence shaken, but not hope, this magical island and the creativity it all but demanded became my greatest tool for healing. God used this special place to heal my heart and transform me into who I was always created to be.


Gifts were given to me along the way. None struck a deeper chord than the discovery of sea-tossed brass and copper on the Kodiak shoreline. I didn’t yet know that it’s discarded form would tell my own story of transformation and become the catalyst for my career.  


For the first time since my feather earrings, I began to make jewelry.  This time, I wasn’t going for cheap. The history of the piece deserved no less than the destiny of treasure in the hands of an artist.


In the Studio

From my remote location, with limited resources and no tools to speak of, I began to learn the ancient craft of metalsmithing. Metal and stone, modern and primitive; I describe my signature style as eco-industrial. In delightful tension between modern and old world, the contrast of grit and beauty reflects life in Alaska.

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I am honored to donate 10% of profits to Priceless Alaska in the fight against sex trafficking and the opportunity to deepen my partnership through volunteering with the local chapter, Priceless Kodiak. Thank you fro much for supporting this worthy cause. The story of transformation is no more impactful than from the lips of a trafficking survivor.


Do you have a transformation story? A story of healing? I’d love to hear from you at wildislandstudio@gmail.com.


Like you, I believe personal adornment is a beautiful freedom that shouldn’t come at the expense of others. Reclaimed and recycled metals, US mined and cut gemstones, a criteria of fair wage and enforced labor laws for international materials, and processes that reduce waste and support sustainability of our resources ensure you can feel confident in the positive impact of your purchase. For me, this is an act of love for others and of honoring our Creator.


Mission and Vision

My heart for Wild Island Studio is to create jewelry as art that connects the wearer to their own story of transformation, awakens creativity, and generates a ripple effect of healing and new beginnings.


My vision is to become a top jewelry artist and entrepreneur in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, with the ability to directly train and employ survivors of human trafficking by 2025. By 2020, I plan to use 99% recycled metals and 100% mine-to-maker ethically sourced gemstones.

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